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The mission of the Ebenezer Community Economic Development Corp. (ECEDC) is to meet the social and economic needs of low and moderate income individuals and families in the greater New Brunswick area by providing quality preschool and after school child care services, affordable housing, counseling services, employment training and employment opportunities.


We provide a quality early childhood education in our community that challenges children and families academically and socially in a fun, loving, creative, safe environment where everyone is valued and loved!

Organization History and Overview

The Tiny Tots Spot does business as Ebenezer Community Economic Development Corporation (ECEDC), a Faith-based Nonprofit 501(C)(3) corporation. (Tax ID: 223-628-388) The corporation strives to meet the social and economic needs of low and moderate income individuals and families in the greater New Brunswick area. ECEDC provides quality preschool, school-age, affordable housing, counseling, job training and placement opportunities. ECEDC has had a presence in the city of New Brunswick since 1998. Its early stages grew out of the vision of Ebenezer Baptist Church’s holistic faith-based approach to ministry. Through the current leadership, the church has transcended this approach by linking personal devotion to social responsibility. This in turn steered the church toward a more community-focused direction.

The Tiny Tot Spot (TTTS) has been a viable solution for area families with preschool age children. The center opened its doors in August 1999 and has helped parents successfully transition their children from home to school. TTTS has been a focal point for early childhood education to more than 700 children since it was formalized and licensed. TTTS website is found at http://www.thetinytotsspot.com.

TTTS child care center is licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services to serve a maximum of 85 children between the ages of 2 1/2 to 6. In May 2010 the age group of 7 to 13 was added under its license. Since September 1999, the ECEDC has contracted with the New Brunswick Public Schools and the Department of Human Services to provide a full day full year comprehensive educational program through TTTS. The center runs a daily comprehensive educational preschool program, a school age after school component as well as a valuable educational enrichment summer camp.

Willing to meet the communities demand for preschool education created by the Abbott ruling in 1998, the ECEDC added an additional site across the street to add more students and better serve New Brunswick’s low income families. TTTS currently services 60 children during the academic year and increases the enrollment to license capacity for summer camp.

TTTS was accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 2004 and has maintained its accreditation to date. The center also participates in the State of NJ program, Grow NJ Kids, designed to help families identify quality child care and early learning programs in the state.

TTTS uses Tools of the Mind curriculum. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate, research-based and culturally relevant. It builds on the child’s learning and provides learning through play. The curriculum includes fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and social development. It fosters the nurturance of self-esteem, self-regulation and personal confidence. To that end we strive to create a school climate that stimulates an enduring enjoyment of learning and the satisfaction of growing in knowledge, competence and understanding.

TTTS Teachers have the State of New Jersey Preschool thru Grade 3 certification or Child Development Associate certificate/credential. TTTS encourages Professional Development training. The staff is as diverse as the community, and include educators, family workers, paraprofessionals and volunteers that are bilingual.

The Family worker provides support to families’ social needs. An essential role that assists families navigate the challenges of the underlying issues impacting our young families. They conduct home visits and assist parents in goal setting for their family. Parental involvement is encouraged through workshops, trips and in-service activities.

TTTS staff, parents and the community are committed to a partnership whereby all are working to provide a nurturing and an academically challenging learning environment. The center is committed to ensuring all of their children grow to their full potential academically, emotionally, socially and physically; enabling them to excel as life-long learners and effective citizens.

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